Chartered Accountants

BVK is a leading professional Audit and Accounting firm in Mpumalanga. We partner with top executives, business persons and entrepreneurs to help them make informed and better decisions, convert those decisions into actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire. For more than 15 years, we’ve been passionate about achieving better results for our clients.

We’ve worked with many successful companies in and around Nelspruit. We are one of the top accounting companies in Nelspruit due to a wide range of services including not only Audits, but Financial Accounting services, Tax Compliance, Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Administration, Statutory Compliance and Company Registrations.


Everything Accounting

Comparing firms? Ensure you get these services covered! Dedicated Accountant. Processing of all transactions. Reconciliation of all accounts. Management Accounts. Annual Financial Statements. Tax Services. Payroll Services. Assistance with all bookkeeping, tax & technical queries.

Accounting Services

A professional accounting team, with global service will bring you high end expert service. We do everything, from book keeping,  accounting, tax consulting.


Tax Consulting

Ensuring knowledge of the newest laws, we take care for your business by providing a top quality consultants and managing of your taxes. We help you were it matters.


Bookkeeping Services

We take care of it all, from cash book, invoicing, creditors, reconciliations etc. You have a new Company to run, so you can just dump everything on us and we will sort it out gladly. Let us together build your new company.

We are also on the cloud.



Tide up in legal work? We offer our services for any legal advice and managing related to taxes, SARS or accounting of any kind. We offer a complete solution.


Client Portal

Running out of storage for your files? We accommodate digital or physical space for storing your files. We follow all the necessary regulations.


Advisory services

We take care of it all, from invoicing, archiving, legal paperwork etc. You can just dump everything on us and we will do it gladly. Let us together build your future.



As a modern and progressive Chartered Accountant Firm we are breaking the moulds of traditional standard billing and archaic methods of pricing.

No more hourly billing, unexpected accounts and expensive consultation fees.

We are not your Ordinary Accountants.

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Everything Company

At BVK we don't just register your new company.

All our new registrations are value added and include the Name reservation of your choice,director changes and share certificates . Also included is an Income Tax Number, EME BEE Sworn Affidavit and Tax Clearance Certificate at no extra cost.

We are experts in our field and understand the business marketplace, the industry and what it takes to get the job done within the quickest possible time frames. Having many years of experience  we have registered hundreds of new businesses for our clients and continue to advise them on all their compliance matters essential to the continued success of there companies.
Our professional business consultants can  assist you with all your compulsory compliance matters which include Vat, PAYE, UIF, WCA, SDL, Tax Exemptions and Import and Export licenses. You can apply directly by using our online application forms.
We will also keep you informed on annual returns for your new business to avoid penalties and the possibility of DE-registration of your company at CIPC.

Company Registrations

New company registrations need not cost you an arm and a leg. At BVK we can register your new company from as little as R495.00 . 

We also understand that one shoe does not fit all and we have various value added packages tailor made to suit our clients requirements.


Shelf Companies

A Shelf Company is a company that has already been registered. The term Shelf Company refers to a company that is symbolically sitting on a shelf and waiting to be bought by a client. Once a CIPC Shelf Company is bought, the directors are added and  owners of the company can immediately start doing business.


Company Amendments

Add/Remove/Update Directors and Members of a Company/CC. Director changes are changes whereby directors are added to or removed from a company. Company /CC amendment is the changing of a company’s particulars, such as the Business address, Telephone numbers, Company Name.


Statutory Compliance and Registration Services

All business entities,companies and close corporations are obliged to comply to various compulsory registrations and legislation. BVK Statutory  Services  can assist and undertake the registration processes of your  company with all the required statutory authorities in South Africa, including SARS, Compensation Commissioner and The Department of Labour. When setting up a Company in South Africa, several statutory registrations are compulsory.


Compliance Services Packages

We have several tailor made packages to suit our clients specific requirements.


Payroll Administration

Is your payroll compliant? Are you paying the correct minimum salaries as governed by sectorial determinations?

Have you registered your company for UIF, PAYE, SDL and WCA as required by law. Are all your employees registered for income tax? Are all changes in salaries and changes to employees details reported to the department of labour monthly as required? Are all your EMP201 and EMP 501 returns compliant and have these returns been submitted so as to avoid the interest and penalties? Are you taking advantage of the ETI Incentive programme? We can assist you with all your payroll administration ensuring your staff records are up to date, compliant and that all your necessary returns are submitted correctly and timeously.