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BVK Store Open

Many of the products found on the BVK online store are services that can be bought. By buying a service on the store you are able to quickly request the service without having to call or come into the office. Here are steps to follow when purchasing a product or service from BVK.

Step 1: Click on the “Online Store” tab on the BVK website

Step 2: Select from the following products:

  • Shelf Companies with Amendments
  • Shelf Companies without Amendments
  • Registration of New Companies
  • Registration for Pay as you earn(PAYE) at SARS
  • Registration for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) at Department of labour
  • Registration for Workman's Compensation (WCA) at Department of labour
  • Registration for VAT
  • Apply for a letter of Good standing for UIF at Department of labour
  • Apply for a letter of Good standing for WCA at Department of labour
  • Apply for a BBE EME Certificate
  • Apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Request a quotation for Annual Returns

Step 3: To purchase the product or service click on the shopping cart shown on the bottom right of the product

Step 4: Select the quantity you require of the product and add to cart.

Step 5: To check out click on the shopping cart on the top right of the page

Step6: Review you selected products

Step 7: Click the “Checkout” tab

Step 8: Fill out your billing address and select a payment* and delivery method

Step 9: Click on the “Place Order” tab to complete you purchase

Step 10: Please use the reference number provided in all correspondence with BVK. You will soon receive and email with additional information regarding the product or service purchased


*Please note that currently only EFT payment is available when making purchases. Please make the payment to BVK Statutory Account, Account Number: 060994495 Branch Code: 052852. Please allow three working days for BVK to process the payment

June News Letter

In this months newsletter the following topics are discussed:

  • Ransomeware: Protect Your Business Now! 

  • Junk Status I - How Will It Affect Me?

  • Junk Status II - Avoiding It Is More Than Getting Economics Right

  • Your SME:  King IV Corporate Governance Code May Apply To You

  • Warn Your Employees about This New Twist in Debt Collection

Click here to view the online Newsletter

June Important Dates

7th June 2016 -  PAYE Submission and Payments

24th June 2016 - VAT Manual Submission and Payments

29th June 2016 - Excise Duty Payment 

30th June 2016 -  VAT Electronic Submission and Payments

30th June 2016 -  Provisional Tax Payments


Our Purpose, Our Vision , Our Values, Our Staff

Established in 2004, BVK is a dynamic Chartered Accountancy practice employing 16 skilled employees. BVK is the preferred and trusted supplier of audit, accounting, tax, statutory, payroll and business advisory services and our unique blend of skills and expertise enables us to provide our services to a diversity of clients, ranging from medium corporate to small medium and micro enterprises(SMME’s).


Services We Offer

 Our wide range of services

Audit, Tax, Accounting,Payroll Administration, Statutory & Company Registrations and Business Advisory Services



Paying It Forward

A random act of kindness is all that is needed to bring on a smile, to bring joy where there is no hope and a little love.


Special Dispensation For Small Business.

 The answer is yes. Certain provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) have been relaxed to accommodate small businesses, in particular employers who employ less than 10 employees .Not many employers are aware of the Ministerial Determination that was issued in respect of small businesses as long ago as 1999 (“the Small Business Determination”).


Accounting on the Cloud

I recently realised that the term ‘cloud computing’ is not as broadly understood as I had assumed. Maybe it’s because I work in the tech sector that these buzz words are part of my everyday vocabulary but I was surprised to discover that 77% of professional accountants claim to have no understanding of what accounting in the cloud is.


Why financials are important even to non-financially savvy business owners

Business Tips for Business Owners

 Many business owners manage the finances of their businesses by means of their bank account. This is a risky practice as the bank account does not provide a true reflection of the real cash flow status of the business.

 Here are 4 actions you can consider applying in your business:  



Start your Business

Hundreds of thousands of new businesses are started in South Africa every year. Most begin with some good ideas and some real passion on the part of the entrepreneurs who start them. What many are lacking , though, is a thorough examination of the essentials that make a business work. Maybe that is why so many new businesses fail within the first five years.


In our experience as certified auditors and accountants we have identified several key things that new business owners do not always consider, but that can make a profound difference in how well the business does. 


Sage Online Accounting

Sage online Accounting is the future of accounting. The online function has may advantages:

  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It is  available any where , any time (internet connection required)
  • Manage your To Do's
  • Get a birds eye view of you company
  • Access detailed information
  • Is accessible from all smart phones (Android, Windows 8 and iOS)
  • Easy Invoicing
  • Online payments
  • Manage your bank accounts
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Manage your Customers, Suppliers and Inventory

Sage is offering a free 30 day trial for Online Accounting.

We are certified Pastel My Online  Advisors and are  able to offer assistance with your cloud accounting system.

Click on  the link provided and enter BVK's referral code R407904, for your 30 day trial:Sage Online Accounting


  • South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)
  • Independent Regulatory Board For Auditors (IRBA)
  • Business Network International (BNI)
  • South African Council For Business Women (SACBW)
  • The Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism (KLCBT)
  • Sage One and Sage VIP