-R1690.00 excl.

At BVK we have aligned ourselves with a Professional Website design company to handle all your Web Design, Email and Web Hosting Needs.

Included in your new company registration fee is New Pty, Unlimited Directors, Unlimited Shareholders, Company Registers, Share Certificates, Website design, Email setup, Domain Registration, you can’t go wrong . We will also include your Income Tax number, Tax clearance certificate and BEE Sworn Affidavit.

What you need for Company Registration:

Quick List

  1. Green Bar Coded ID/smart card (both sides on one page) - Valid Passport for Foreigners
  2. Company postal and residential address, and addresses for all Directors and Shareholders
  3. Printer - to print the power of attorney, sign and send back to BVK - All directors must sign.
  4. Four possible name options for the company

Name Choices

The first thing you need to do for company registration is to start to think of possible names. Points to note are:

  1. Think of four possible names, to be used during your company registration, all different from each other.
  2. Avoid punctuation as most characters such as @,!, and even an apostrophe are not allowed
  3. Check the spelling in an English dictionary. It costs to change it later.
  4. If your name is close to another well-known brand, reject it now, it’s not worth the trial trying to fight for the rights of using it.

Director and Shareholder Information

Choosing who is going to be in business with you, during your company registration, is probably one of the biggest decisions that any business owner needs to make during the process of company registration. A Director manages the business and a shareholder owns it. You will probably be both a director and a shareholder. However if you are in partnership then you may have more directors and shareholders.

You will need all their information such as Residential, Business and Postal addresses and cell phone numbers, email address as well as a good digital copy of their ID's. This you can do later, but without them we cannot complete your company registration. We will also require the number of shares to be issued to the shareholders.

A Printer

You will need a printer attached to your computer. This is often overlooked, however you will have to sign a document (called a power of attorney) that gives us the right to register your company on your behalf. This will need to be printed and faxed to us.


We don’t want to mislead our clients, we know that a company registration usually takes about 48 hours but this is dependent on the current workloads at CIPC. If your name reservation is not approved this time frame can be extended by several days. We analyze the speed of company registrations and monitor the bulletin board at CIPC and can usually predict the date of the arrival for your convenience.

Once the company is registered our partner will contact you and set up your website and emails.

check out our pre registered Shelf Company’s including website: